Broszura inwestycyjno-promocyjna Powiatu Pilskiego


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future Investors,
I am pleased to present you with an economic and investment potential
of the Piła County, the area with the greatest possibilities of business
development in the northern part of the wielkopolskie province.

It is a place with many assets. A unique location in the Noteć River Valley, clean lakes, rivers and excellent forests are a perfect capital for the development of infrastructure and tourist services as well as health rehabilitation of the residents of highly-urbanized areas. The local agriculture benefits from the exceptional natural resources, gradually enhancing
its exports potential both for animal and plant production. The Piła County is also an essential industrial district. More than 30 thousand Polish and foreign economic entities have
invested their capital with us. The highest index of urbanization of all the land counties of Wielkopolska gives the investors a good access both to specialists and
the lower level personnel educated for the jobs meeting the needs of the job market. Competent officials provide their assistance at each stage of the investment
project execution. A sustainable economic and social development, a good transport services availability, optimal conditions for investment
projects and an active support for the entrepreneurs create a business- -development-enhancing climate.

You are more than welcome.

Eligiusz Komarowski
Head of the Piła County

Piła district
Promocja gospodarcza Powiatu Pilskiego
Promocja gospodarcza Powiatu Pilskiego
Głównym celem projektu jest umiędzynarodowienie regi...
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Expert’s view
Nagranie z webinarium- Europejski Zielony Ład
Nagranie z webinarium- Europejski Zielony Ład
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Project entitled "Economic promotion of the Piła district" project no. RPWP.01.04.02-30-0001 / 18 is carried out by the Piła county in partnership with the Foundation for the Support of Innovation in JST from September 2, 2019 to September 30, 2023 The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020, Priority axis 1 Innovative and competitive economy, Measure 1.4. Internationalization of the regional economy, Sub-measure 1.4.2 Economic promotion of the region.

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